The Gift of Feedback


We always appreciate the feedback we receive from participants and clients.   That said, we never lose sight of the fact that our effectiveness is influenced by a real partnership with our internal client support staff first.   Insight from our colleagues in L&D, HR, OD, Admin, and Executive Sponsors sets us up for success.  Here's what a few clients thought about their experience with us:

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your workshop this week.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I was so impressed by your ability to engage and lead the diverse group.  All of the topics you covered and the insights from the group and paired discussions were incredibly useful and inspiring for me.  I am not only excited about improving my leadership, but even as I completed my performance assessment today I had renewed energy in the assessment and development planning.  I am really grateful to have had the chance to learn from you and my peers.  Thank you for opening doors and my mind to new leadership possibilities this week. [Manager, Accounting - 2017]

  • The leader today was phenomenal. He was engaging, respectful, very intelligent and pushed me to think outside the box, which is not easy to do. I am still thinking about the material at home and walked away with skills that I will absolutely use in my future at the hospital. He has been my favorite instructor thus far and I would love to take other classes with him, and would recommend others to take this class with him any day. [Manager, Hospital Administration - 2017]

  • I had great success with implementing my plan applying the skills learned during the conflict resolution meeting.  We got a resolution that we agreed to and it is already in process to be implemented.  Conflict resolution is a part of our day to day activities (we are customer-centric), but the skills I learned, really the introduction of the problem in a way that lays out that I want to partner with them and sticking to facts helped steer our discussion to success.  I also know by this individuals reaction that he was happy with the outcome and was thankful for the meeting. [Associate Director, Quality Systems - 2016]

  • Thanks again for all your work in designing a session that was both structured and flexible and which worked perfectly for us, and for the way you facilitated our lively group.  You come across as authoritative and connected to the audience in a way that quickly and seemingly effortlessly invites trust and attention. [Director, Legal Operations - 2017]

  • "It isn't often where I feel training is transformational. But the sessions you have provided for our Leadership group provided some of our leaders with those rare moments of insight… and that is transformational. It has been a complete pleasure getting to know you and work with you. Thank you for all the effort and energy you brought to us. You have a rare gift as a teacher and a facilitator." [Director,OD - 2010]

  • Inspired! facilitators represent our organization very well, and have the ability to speak as the “voice of our organization" when instructing. They are great at the “give and take” of live training. They know how to laugh and have fun. Feedback has been consistently positive on their professionalism, and ability to connect – even with senior leaders. [VP, Learning & Development - 2016]

  • Inspired! facilitators are skilled at connecting leadership concepts, and using innovative ideas/approaches to learning. Students always have the feeling that facilitators know where they are going, and what they want to say. Their ability to listen and answer participant questions help them respond on the fly – even when the material is challenging. They are always in control (without being controlling), manage learner expectations, and use the time effectively. [Manager, Learning & Development - 2012]

  • The facilitator was simply FABULOUS. Specifically, we felt that the additional attention we received was a huge relief and gave us a tremendous amount of confidence for future training sessions. We were very pleased with your style and delivery. [Train the Trainer Candidate - 2012]

  • Inspired! has provided my organization with thoughtful, current and results-based solutions. You are professional, conscientious and relentless in understanding our development issues and collaborating in providing services that address our needs. High effectiveness and efficiency, the basic tenets of successful organizations best describes the work of Inspired! [President, OD Consulting Firm - 2015]